Bowling CandlePins at the Bowling Bowl

August 24, 2007

Candlepin bowling reportedly started in Worcester, Massachusetts and is unique to the New England and the maritime provinces of Canada.

CandlePin Bowling Ball

Candlepin balls as you can see in the picture are a lot smaller than ten pin balls, which makes the game more of a game of skill than muscle. Bowling Bowl of Brunswick, Maine

The Bowling Bowl is a Candlepin bowling alley located in Brunswick, Maine. It is owned and operated by Matt Lafely of Lisbon, Maine.

A vintage bowling alley, it is truly a labor of love that Matt’s wife, Lynn, looks at as Matt’s second wife.

Matt has bowlers who have been coming to the facility for well over 40 years. Matt, however has only owned the Bowling Bowl for about a year at the time of this writing.

If you have any questions about Candlepin bowling, leave a comment here and I will see if I can get it answered for you.

If you are a Candlepin Alley owner and would like to network with some other Candlepin owners, feel free to give Matt a call at (207) 725-5241 .

Matt has made some interesting modifications to the alley, to include make a computerized pin setting control box, and some other hand crafted modifications of the vintage candlepin bowling equipment.